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Motorcycle Learner Permit and License Bookings -

New Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme - Phase 1 starts October 1st 2014 - Click the link for details -      New Graduated Licensing Scheme

*SPECIAL* - $25.00 discount on all Learner courses when you book online. Discounted price refers to courses booked and completed prior to 01/09/2014. Please manually adjust online course price when booking.

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Pre-License Practise - If you have not ridden much, we offer Private Tuition prior to coming in for your License Course - please call our office to book. 

Overseas License Conversion - please read the downloadable document at the bottom of the page thank you.

We offer courses in Hoppers Crossing, Geelong, Ballarat, and HORSHAM - Book On-Line or phone 9731 1499. For an on-line map, please click the "Locations" link below.


Further Training Available -  Improve your skills, and practise in a safe environment

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Private Tuition - Intermediate - Advanced 1 - Advanced 2 - Adventure Bike/Off-Road Skills

NB - Please call our office to book your Private Tuition session

 To obtain your Victorian Learner Permit - 

You must be at least 18 years of age, and your Car License/Learner Permit must not be disqualified, cancelled, suspended, or refused anywhere in Australia.

You must sucessfully complete -

  • (hardcopy available from VicRoads, Stay Upright, RACV offices and newsagents).
  • 3.  A motorcycle riding skills test (Learner Permit Skill Assessment)

You must produce your car learner permit or licence on the day of your course to provide proof of identity.


We offer two different Learner Permit Courses -

  • The 12 hour Learner Permit Course -  is held over 2 consecutive days for those with limited or no previous riding experience, or for those returning to riding with no previous formal training.
  • 6 hour Learner Permit Course - is for those with current riding experience - capable of competently starting, stopping, changing gears, riding around corners, etc. typically those with Dirt or Road riding experience.
  • Both Learner Permit course fees include all VicRoads charges, use of a motorcycle, helmet, gloves and wet weather gear if required.


To obtain your Victorian Motorcycle Licence

  • You must be at least 18 years of age, your licence/learner permit must not be disqualified (cancelled or suspended) and you must not have been refused a licence anywhere in Australia or overseas. You must hold your Motorcycle Learner Permit for a minimum period of three consecitve calendar months before attempting the licence skills test. This three-month period refers to the period immediately before you apply for your licence and must be a continuous period (ie - not broken by a suspension or a break in continuity such as allowing your permit to expire before obtaining a new permit).

You must sucessfully complete -

  • 1. A basic eyesight test
  • 2. A motorcycle riding skill test (the MLST)
  • 3. If you do not hold a current Australian car licence, a Hazard Perception Test (HPT) held at a VicRoads office.
  • If you have a current Vustralian car Learner Permit, a Vicroads 1st licence fee will apply. This is in addition to the course fee. Please see the Vicroads website for current fees.

  • You MUST produce your current Victorian Motorcycle Learner Permit and/or Victorian Car Licence for valid I.D. puposes on the day of your course. If you attend without valid I.D., or do not attend your scheduled course, you will be asked to re-book and pay an $85.00 re-booking fee.